Arrow's Guggenheim on Green Lantern rumors, other potential DC heroes

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Feb 16, 2015, 2:03 PM EST (Updated)

Arrow producer Marc Guggenheim has decided to set the record straight on those Green Lantern rumors, plus reveal some other heroes who could be on the way to Starling City.

Guggenheim chatted with MTV about a recent comment from David Ramsey, aka John Diggle, who said there was a chance his character could evolve into DC’s other Green Lantern, John Stewart. Sadly, it sounds like we can hang that one up — Guggenheim says Diggle is just Diggle. The character has become a fan favorite, and it sounds like they’re content to just let him evolve into his own man:

“It’s funny, I’ve spoken to David quite a bit about this issue, I know it keeps coming up. I spoke to [writer] Geoff Johns at DC after that interview went viral. Basically, John Diggle is now a character in the comics… John Diggle is John Diggle. We’re not being coy and saying John Diggle is someone else, i.e. John Stewart. DC has other plans for that character. We love David, and we love the character of John Diggle that he’s created. We have really cool plans for him… they involve a wedding ring, but they don’t involve a power ring.”

Fair enough, and we tend to agree — Diggle is awesome. He doesn’t need to be anyone else. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out the other thing Guggenheim revealed there. John Stewart is off the table because DC has “other plans” for the character. Could this be the direction they’re taking Green Lantern on the big screen, after the flop that was Ryan Reynolds’ film focused on Hal Jordan? Hmm.

Now, back to Arrow. Though they won’t be turning Diggle into a Green Lantern, Guggenheim did say there are a few existing characters in the Arrow-verse who could evolve into existing DC comic heroes. Check out that quote below and give us your best guess:

“There are two characters who would probably fall into that category. Were we to do it, they would be characters from the comics that you already know.”

Last but not least, Guggenheim had a bit to say for “Olicity” fans, who still hold out hope that Oliver and Felicity might actually end up together after things took a brutal turn for the burgeoning relationship. Sadly, it sounds like Ray Palmer will be seeing a lot more of Felicity in the wake of her taking Oliver’s heart and putting it through the shredder (somewhat deservedly, but still):

“She is every bit a part of Team Arrow as she’s always been, she’s just now doing it under the shadow of having this conflict with Oliver. I think what Oliver is doing… I wouldn’t go so far as to say it drives her into Ray’s arms, but certainly Ray now has the opportunity to exist in contrast to Oliver. In episode 15, for example, the differences between how Oliver does things and how Ray does things are very different, and very stark, and very sharply drawn. That’s not lost on Felicity. She’s aware that Ray is a very different kind of person than Oliver, and we’ll see what she does with that epiphany.”

Arrow airs Wednesday nights on The CW. 

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