Arrow's Guggenheim on how introducing the Lazarus Pit will change everything

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Apr 21, 2015

After dropping hints for most of the season, The CW’s Arrow is finally introducing the Lazarus Pit this week. Not surprisingly, the effects will be felt for a very long time.

Spoilers ahead for The CW’s Arrow!

We’ve already glimpsed a peek or two at the Lazarus Pit this season, and it’s confirmed that the supernatural waters have kept R’as al Ghul (Matt Nable) alive for a very long time. But now that Ra's has stabbed Thea (Willa Holland), leaving her bleeding to death in her apartment, it seems those magical waters are about to become a major plot point.

Most fans were surprised when the writers opted not to use the Lazarus Pit to bring Oliver back after his apparent death from being stabbed and falling off a mountain earlier this season (turns out he’s just that tough and survived it, apparently), but it seems Thea’s condition will make the Pit a necessity — along with some type of agreement between Oliver and Ra's.

Producer Marc Guggenheim told The Hollywood Reporter and Collider wouldn't say for certain that DC lore about the Pit changing people who use it (i.e. sometimes turning them a bit darker and more evil) will definitely be a part of the Arrow version of the story, but it sounds like it. Hey, this show has always been big on consequences:

"Everything in the show has consequences, and that's something we've been consistent about. It's something you will continue to see not just through the end of season three, but into season four...

It was just a question of, what version of Ra’s do we want to put on the show? The one thing that we were dead set against, at the beginning, was making it too similar to the Ra’s in The Dark Knight movies. We’re all comic book fans, and we certainly recognize the story potential of the Lazarus Pit and the interesting nature of it. We didn’t really have any long, protracted discussions of, ‘Is this where we want to go?’ We instinctively had a hunger for it."

The Lazarus Pit has been at the center of several great stories in Batman lore, and considering Arrow has always been the love child of Batman Begins and Green Arrow, it’s no surprise to see them taking a deep dive (pun intended) into these waters.

Arrow airs Wednesday nights on The CW. Just four episodes remain this season.

What do you think of the season so far?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter, Collider)

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