Arrow's Katie Cassidy on eventually becoming a hero, S2's 'shocking' finale

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May 7, 2014, 1:36 PM EDT (Updated)

The second season of Arrow has been fantastic, but it’s sent Laurel all over the map over the past few months. So what does Katie Cassidy think about the next, heroic, step in her character’s evolution?

Potential spoilers ahead for Arrow!

As most fans know, Black Canary is typically Laurel Lance in the comic canon. But they switched up the roles on Arrow by making Sara Lance the initial Black Canary in the series. That said, it doesn’t mean Laurel won’t eventually suit up and kick some more ass.

While chatting with TV Line to promote the upcoming series finale, Cassidy teased that the fleeting moments of action she’ll see in the  season finale might be just the beginning:

“You’ve seen Laurel grow throughout this season; this definitely was her season of evolving. And so you get to see her get stronger. You get to see her and the Arrow interact with one another, even more so now that she knows [who he is]. There’s just a lot of big, changing things that happen for her. You get to see her stand up to disaster, or tragedy, or trauma, instead of hiding. Instead of being the “damsel in distress,” you get to see her fight back a bit and be a survivor and help protect other people. It’s a really nice layer for her.

It’s definitely intimidating, because I want to make the fans happy. And because of the way that I am and the way that I study my craft, I will do a ton of research. I’ll read as many of the comics as I can, bone up on Black Canary…. Everybody has asked me if I have done that already, but I’m not Black Canary at this point, so no, I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I need to be true to the moment and what my character’s state of the mind is. So as soon as, and if, and when that happens, yes, I definitely will try to portray her in the best way possible.”

Cassidy has an interesting approach, and her journey over the last few episodes does seem like a good setup for her to eventually take on the mantle. Of course, there’s already someone wearing the mask at the moment, so we’re curious what might happen to Sara down the line.

As for the season finale airing next Wednesday night on The CW? Cassidy dropped some tantalizing describers, and after seeing last week’s episode, we’re apt to believe her. The writers have proven they're not afraid to go big in finales, and we can't wait to see what's coming next:

"Action-packed… jaw-dropping… shocking… fantastic… beyond entertaining. I mean, “entertaining” isn’t even the word to describe it. It’s a whirlwind of events that are huge plot points, and pivotal twists in our story. It’s really good."

What do you think of the current season? Would you like to see Laurel suit up at some point?

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