Arrow's Katie Cassidy heading to The Flash to play surprise Earth-2 doppelgänger

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Apr 5, 2016, 12:57 PM EDT

We’ve already gotten a peek at a few Earth-2 doppelgängers during Barry’s last trip through dimensions on The Flash, and now an Arrow alum is heading over to join in the fun. But she may not be playing who you’d expect.

Minor spoilers ahead for an upcoming episode of The CW’s Flash! 

TV Line reports Katie Cassidy, who plays Laurel Lance/Black Canary on Arrow, will pop up in the penultimate episode of The Flash’s second season. She will be playing her Earth-2 doppelgänger, but instead of suiting up as Canary, this version of Laurel is the Black Siren. That’s right — apparently the other version of Laurel still becomes a hero, but opted for a different moniker. If you’re unfamiliar, Black Siren was a member of the Justice Society and sometimes portrayed as the mother of Dinah Laurel Lance/a Canary alter ego in the DC Comics canon.

As for how all this fits into the build-up toward the end of the season? Hard to say. But it obviously confirms we’ll be heading back to Earth-2 (or maybe the Black Siren finds a way over to Earth-1?) before the big finale, and Laurel will play some type of role in the action. It’s doubtful they’d bring her over for a glorified cameo, so it stands to reason she’ll have at least a mildly significant role in what goes down.

What do you think of the new twist? Are you digging all the Earth-2 weirdness?


(Via TV Line)