Arrow's Katie Cassidy says Black Siren still has ‘room for redemption’

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Apr 19, 2018, 1:43 PM EDT

With only a handful of episodes left before The CW'Arrow wraps up its sixth season, one of the biggest questions on most fans’ mind is whether or not Black Siren (Katie Cassidy) can ultimately be redeemed. Something Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne) has been striving to see for a while now.

Earth-2’s Laurel Lance has done some pretty terrible things since making her first appearance on The Flash (where she teamed up with Zoom against Team Flash) before moving to Star City. The main example that comes to mind is the brutal murder by sonic scream of Dinah Drake/Black Canary’s (Juliana Harkavy) boyfriend Vincent Sobel, aka Vigilante (Johann Urb).

Cassidy addressed the possibilities of finding redemption for Black Siren in a recent interview with TVLine, hinting Laurel still has a lot of work to do before that can happen.

“I do think there’s room for redemption — although maybe, personally, I’m just too forgiving of a person,” Cassidy said. “If someone killed [someone else], you can’t forgive that kind of stuff here on our Earth, but definitely I think there’s room for redemption. I think she has a lot of explaining to do and understanding, and yet…. She’s kind of a wild animal. It’s almost like inside of her there’s this wild animal in a cage that wants to come out, and she wants to let it out, but also I think that she’s sort of torn internally, because I don’t think she was born this way. I think things happened to her that made her this way.”

Cassidy touched upon the fact that there’s not a lot we know about her life on Earth-2 before she was brought over to Earth-1 by Zoom. “We don’t know what her life has been like on Earth-Two; we know bits and pieces, and that’s what I think is interesting about playing this character, how we keep finding out more and more information.”

When talking about Episode 19 (“The Dragon”) and the fact that Diaz (Kirk Acevedo) and Laurel will meet with a coalition of mafia families called The Quadrant, Cassidy hinted that she’ll start having second thoughts about Diaz and his plan to tighten his hold on Star City. Meaning there’s a possibility that tonight’s episode of Arrow could help push Laurel a little further down the right path.

“Ultimately, as she’s learning more and more and watching Diaz and how he works, she’s horrified because he’s brutally murdering people,” said Cassidy. “There’s no rhyme or reason, which is disturbing. And although she has had that in her before — when need be, she’s been able to take down some people — it’s hard for her to watch and stand by this person. Plus, she does have this interesting relationship with Lance, with Quentin. Both of these characters [Quentin and Diaz] are making her question herself in different ways almost, almost like the angel and the devil. She’s caught between a rock and a hard place.”

What do you think about Cassidy’s comment’s that there’s room for redemption for Black Siren? Arrow returns with a new episode tonight (April 19) on The CW.

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