Arrow's Manu Bennett urges fans to push for a Deathstroke spinoff series

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Jun 1, 2017, 10:12 AM EDT

Hey, why not?

Manu Bennett made a triumphant return to the Arrowverse in the Season 5 finale, and now the actor would like to see his fan-favorite character stick around for a while. Preferably in his own spinoff series.

In response to a fan floating the idea, Bennett urged fans to contact the studio, the network and producers Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim to let them know the world needs a whole lot more Deathstroke. Bennett said he wants fans to “rally” and make it clear to those parties they’d like to see a Deathstroke TV spinoff project. After that tweet caught fire, Bennett started retweeting coverage and responses from fans, adding even more fuel to the Deathstroke fire. 

Look, this is obviously just Bennett having a bit of fun with fans, but it shows he’s definitely interested in doing more with this character. Considering where the character was left at the end of Season 5 (that cliffhanger notwithstanding), there are certainly some angles the writers could take if they wanted to tell more Deathstroke stories. Maybe a 10-episode run with Slade searching for his son (and a little redemption in the process?). Yeah, we’d watch that.

What do you think? Should The CW look at a Deathstroke spinoff?