Arrow's Stephen Amell drops tantalizing hint about what brings him back for Season 4

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Jun 19, 2015, 6:00 PM EDT (Updated)

As anyone who saw the finale of Arrow’s third season can attest, it was definitely the end of the early saga. So, what get the gang back together for Season 4?

Spoilers ahead for Season 3 of The CW’s Arrow!

The third season felt a whole lot like a series finale, to the point where the producers actually dropped a message at the end of the episode to reaffirm that the series would be back next year. With Oliver and Felicity riding off into the sunset, and a new generation of heroes taking the reins in Starling City, it seemed like a fairly “earned” way to close out this chapter of the series. But again, we know there’s a fourth season coming.

So, what brings Oliver back into the superhero fold? Stephen Amell, who plays the titular hero, dropped a tantalizing hint via Twitter that could hold the key to what gets Oliver back in Starling City. Not surprisingly, it’s the only family he has left — Thea. The actor was asked by a fan to describe the season premiere in three words. Check out his response below:

It stands to reason something will happen to Thea, who is patrolling the streets herself in Roy’s old costume as Speedy, and that event will pull Oliver (and Felicity, we’d assume) back into action. Considering how melodramatic the third season became by the end of the Ra’s al Ghul arc, a bit of time away to provide a soft reset could be just the thing to get the creative juices flowing for Arrow.

Speaking of that mysterious season premiere, producer Marc Guggenheim offered up our first peek at the script below. Note the strategically placed pen, which blocks the episode title. Grr. Well played, Guggenheim. Well played.

Arrow returns for its fourth season this fall on The CW. What do you think gets Oliver back in the mask? 

(Via TV Line, Stephen Amell)