Arrow's Stephen Amell has mixed emotions about DC's TV/movie multiverse

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Oct 31, 2014

We’d had an inkling DC would opt for a multiverse to separate the television and movie properties, and the casting of Ezra Miller as the big-screen version of The Flash confirmed it. But Arrow star Stephen Amell has a few qualms about the plan.

Amell, who stars in The CW’s acclaimed Arrow series as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, chatted with the Wall Street Journal about Warner Bros.' decision to opt for a different Flash on the big screen (Grant Gustin currently stars as Barry Allen in The CW’s hit series). For Amell, he feels Gustin should have gotten the nod — and he said he’s still love to bring his version of Oliver Queen to the big screen.

Though he adamantly believes their small-screen versions could go toe to toe with Batfleck and the Man of Steel, Amell added he’s still excited to see where they take the characters in Justice League and beyond, with various interpretations of the age-old heroes.

Here’s an excerpt from his comments:

“Yeah. Of course. And I feel like it should be Grant doing the movie. But the important thing to remember is just because Grant Gustin plays the part of Barry Allen doesn’t mean Ezra Miller can’t also play Barry Allen. There can be different interpretations of the character. Anyone who is a fan of the comics knows the Flash character is one of the forces that leads to parallel universes. And who knows, they might find a fantastic actor to play Oliver Queen on the feature side who has a different take on the character. I’m certainly a departure from the typical Oliver Queen from the comic books. I just think that everybody needs to be patient with the whole thing. The fact that DC and Warner have announced all these comic book features is nothing but good for business.”

We’re with Amell on this one, and many of us here at Blastr have mixed emotions on the whole thing. On the one side (as I’ve argued before), DC is giving its properties room to breathe with their own self-contained universes and continuities (i.e. Constantine, Gotham, Flash/Arrow, Justice League films, etc.). But, as Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has shown with the stellar Winter Soldier crossover, synergy can be a good thing if it’s handled correctly.

What do you think? Would you have preferred a big ol’ crossover?

(Via Wall Street Journal)

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