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Arrowverse could go to Warner Media service once Netflix deal expires

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Feb 11, 2019

In the current streaming TV landscape, Netflix is the home of the Arrowverse and all The CW shows, upon completing their full season airings on their home network. The CW's deal with Netflix expires this spring, however, and Warner Media's upcoming streaming platform is very interested in gobbling up Arrow, The Flash, and every other corner of the DC CW universe. 

Kevin Reilly, president of TBS & TNT and chief creative officer of Turner Entertainment, told TVLine that when it comes to the CW shows, “we’re very interested in putting that on our platform.” In terms of genre shows, this would include Arrow, The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, and Supergirl. The ongoing shenanigans on Riverdale would also be included.

SYFY WIRE was at today's 2019 TCA session when Reilly gave his big report regarding the still-unnamed service, where he said, "you can expect the crown jewels will end up on a new service. I think for the most part sharing destination assets is not a good model and should be exclusive to the new service."

What is interesting here is the effect Warner Media's three-tiered service (which will offer "an excellent library to families" and include access to HBO) is likely to have on the DC-centered Arrowverse, instead of those shows ending up on a streaming platform that is solely dedicated to DC-related programs. There's only one of those that comes to mind, naturally, and it's DC Universe.

As Reilly said, "There is no piece of content in the Warner Media portfolio that won’t be looked at for the service initially." Also, he makes it clear that content won't appear there permanently: "Content goes through a life cycle where it benefits being on or off platforms. It will be healthier to create more access and exposure." DC Universe definitely operates that way as well, with some content coming and going all the time.

Ultimately, moving the highly popular Arrowverse to Warner Media could remind people where those shows come from, and who owns the rights. "We’ve had so many brands that were sold to SVOD that was not being attributed back to us," Reilly said. "We think we will be able to close the loop. Create an equation where there’s no break in the consumer experience."

In addition to providing content from HBO, DC and The CW, the service will provide a “treasure trove” of content from several other brands, including Looney Tunes, The LEGO Movie, and The Lord of the Rings films.

Reilly added that the “beta version of the service will not have original content on it, but you’ll see that in 2020 and then ramping up.”

There is no name or price point for the Warner Media platform yet, but it is expected to launch (in beta form) by year's end. Whereas we had previously been wondering what content would appear on the service (as so many WB projects are available elsewhere), we now have a much better idea of what to expect. Warner Bros. will likely take back what's theirs, put it on their service, and remind people that Netflix and Disney+ aren't the only games in town.

Catch up on the Arrowverse on Netflix while you can ... because it may soon be speeding away to a new home faster than Barry Allen would speed away to a convention for perpetual screw-ups.

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