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Arrowverse lands Grimm's Elizabeth Tulloch as Batwoman crossover's Lois Lane

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Sep 14, 2018, 2:52 PM EDT

As the Arrowverse nears its yearly world-shattering, timeline-twisting, superhero-exhausting crossover event, fans were wondering just how many characters from the DC world would make their way into the three-show-wide extravaganza. We knew we had a Superman (Tyler Hoechlin). We knew we had a Batwoman (Ruby Rose). Now we know we have a Lois Lane.

According to Deadline, ex-Grimm lead Elizabeth Tulloch is hitting The CW's streets as the award-winning Daily Planet reporter. Also, she might run into Superman during the three-night event. Who can say?

Over the course of the crossover — which involves new episodes of The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl over the weekend of Dec. 9-11 — Tulloch will appear in an unknown number of episodes, but, judging by how many her steely counterpart is secured for, it’s likely she could show up in all three.

Another casting announcement for Supergirl means that the villainous side of the ‘verse is also rounding itself out. The Walking Dead star Xander Berkeley is coming to Supergirl as Agent Liberty’s father, according to TV Insider. Agent Liberty, the human big bad of Supergirl’s fourth season, will be getting some serious backstory — with the inclusion of his father one of the biggest components.

A middle-class factory worker with a grudge against aliens, Peter Lockwood will bring his bigotry and bitterness to the world and, possibly, Supergirl’s new nemesis. All we know is that Sam Witwer looks awesome as the villain and if he’s fully-fleshed out as a character, well that’s even better.