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Crisis is over. Here are 10 things we want to see next in the Arrowverse

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Jan 27, 2020, 12:00 PM EST

We're dealing with a whole new world — literally — when it comes to The CW's Arrowverse. The massive crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths might be over, but there's still a whole lot to look forward to (and dream about) when it comes to the beloved small screen super-universe.

In case you need a quick refresher: The five-part Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover destroyed the multiverse, remade the multiverse, and (most notably) combined all the various Arrowverse worlds onto one unified world: Earth Prime. Put simply, now Flash, Team Arrow, Supergirl, Batwoman, Black Lighting, the Legends of Tomorrow, Superman, and all those other folks now live on the same little ol' planet. Oh yeah, and in the process, this combined world has a few weird quirks and changes the various heroes are still unraveling.

This shake-up opens every series up for a whole lot of new stuff as the Arrowverse moves into its next phase, figuring out what it is without Arrow on the schedule anymore and forging new heroes to take his place (both in protecting the universe and on The CW schedule). From pipe dreams to things most likely to hit in 2020 and beyond, here are the 10 things we really want to see next in the Arrowverse.

Arrow Flash

Natural, small-scale crossovers

Look, it'll be hard for anything to ever match the enormity of Crisis on Infinite Earths. When you account for the fact that it took so many years to set up, it is arguably the biggest thing ever conceived and executed in television history. Which makes sense, as it’s based on one of the biggest crossovers in comic history. So what would make sense now that Crisis is in the books?

Smaller show-to-show crossovers, and more of them.

Combining every show into the same reality should, theoretically, make that infinitely easier to pull off. Much like Arrow and The Flash have done on occasion over the years by sharing supporting cast members (Cisco visits Arrow! Diggle visits Flash!), now that same chemistry will be possible with shows like Batwoman, Supergirl, and Black Lightning moving forward.

And it doesn't just apply to the cape and cowl crowd. Bringing all these worlds together also has brought all their wacky rogues galleries into the same world. We could get Supergirl baddies popping up in Freeland or Black Lightning baddies causing trouble in Gotham. Not to mention some creative bad guy team-ups, with everyone from Agent Liberty to Weather Witch now roaming the same streets.

Arrow Season 8 Team Arrow

The remnants of Team Arrow

The show that started it all is wrapping up — but there are still plenty of heroes, villains, and things in-between introduced in Arrow that will still be kicking around the Arrowverse at large. So, it'd be great to see Arrow's legacy continue to live and breathe across the other series still going strong.

Fans still love the many, many characters we’ve met over eight years of Arrow — and keeping some of them around (even in guest spots on occasion) is a great way to show that Star City is still a part of this universe, even if we're not visiting it on a weekly basis.

Who knows, maybe even a few of them could eventually resurface on Legends of Tomorrow? The Waverider has always been an island for misfit super-toys, after all.

Black Lightning Jefferson

More of Black Lightning

Black Lightning has quietly been telling small-scale, compelling stories for three seasons over in its own little corner of the multiverse. Crisis changed that in a very big way, with Black Lightning joining the rest of the heroes in the multiverses cataclysm and playing a key role in trying to help stop it along the way.

He's met all the big players now, and even has a seat at Barry’s proto-Justice League table he's put together. So, the door is finally open for Black Lightning's world to become a bigger player in the Arrowverse at large.

Black Lightning is great, so here's hoping they'll bring some of that greatness to the rest of this world.

Superman and Lois Lane

The new spinoffs

With Arrow ending, The CW is doubling down on the superhero world it spawned. Literally. The network has two new super-shows in the works: Superman and Lois and Green Arrow & the Canaries.

A series order has already been placed for Superman and Lois, which will follow the version of Clark and his ace reporter wife who have been a staple on Supergirl (and the crossovers) the past few years. That one is definitely happening, so look for it next season.

The other spinoff, Green Arrow & the Canaries, is being launched as a backdoor pilot on Arrow. This is arguably the most interesting one, as it would follow Oliver and Felicity’s future daughter Mia in Star City circa 2040. Just think: A whole show exploring the far-flung future of the Arrowverse? Yeah, that could be a whole lot of fun.

Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond: Terry McGinnis

Speaking of that 2040 spinoff series, it also brings us to the biggest pipe dream: Terry McGinnis, aka Batman Beyond.

A popular animated series character from the early 2000s, Terry took up the mantle of Batman in the animated series Batman Beyond. He's since become a frequent player in DC Comics, but not much of anything has ever been done with him in live-action. So, who’s to say Terry hasn't taken up the Bat-mantle in the 2040 future of Mia and Green Arrow & the Canaries (assuming the backdoor pilot goes well and the series scored a pick-up)?

It'd be a fascinating, buzz-worthy move, provide a great new character to the Arrowverse, and (who knows) could even plant the seed for a new spinoff all its own down the line. Oh, we can dream.


Green Lantern teases

Those quick flashes of other worlds at the end of Crisis gave us a tantalizing tease of the Green Lantern world, and we already know a Green Lantern TV series is in the works (by the same creatives behind the Arrowverse) at streaming service HBO Max.

It's obviously a priority for Warner Bros. to do something with the Green Lantern franchise, so why not drop a few more teases within the Arrowverse to build some buzz? Or heck, maybe even a full-fledged crossover at some point?

It might sound crazy, but don't forget — just a few years ago The Flash and Supergirl crossed over despite airing on different networks (back before Supergirl jumped from CBS to The CW). So, there's precedent for something this wild actually happening.

Is it a long shot? Sure. But so was getting Ezra Miller's big-screen Flash to show up in Crisis, and they pulled that off.

Arrowverse Hall of Justice

More of that Hall of Justice

It might not have had the whiz-bang intensity of Oliver’s death(s), but the final scene of Crisis provided something fans have wanted to see ever since Oliver escaped from that island: The Justice League (or Super Friends, maybe?).

Barry officially established an old STAR Labs facility as a joint superhero base of operations, complete with a table for all the major Earth Prime heroes to be represented. It'd be such a shame to only save that base for crossovers. Instead, we'd love to see some of that Justice League origin story threaded into every show moving forward in small ways, as these heroes learn to work and coordinate together in their newly-combined world.

Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 3 Lex Luthor

Superman vs. Lex Luthor

It’s fair to say no one expected Two and a Half Men alum Jon Cryer to absolutely knock it out of the park as a small screen Lex Luthor.

But here we are, and with Lex playing a key role in Crisis and now an even bigger role in the world of Earth Prime (he did just win the planet’s Nobel Prize, after all). He’s made for a great occasional antagonist for Supergirl these past two seasons, but c’mon, there's just so much history between Superman and Lex. Heck, he hijacked Crisis to go on a multiversal Superman killing spree. There’s obviously a ton of bad blood there to explore, and decades of comic history to mine.

Here's hoping we'll see more of Tyler Hoechlin's Supes ahead of his solo series, and that Lex will be a key player when it comes around.

Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 3 Batwoman Supergirl

World's Finest

Even since Batwoman first laid eyes on Supergirl, fans have been geeking out to see more of this twist on the classic World's Finest team-up.

The duo got to spend a bit more time together during Crisis, but there were a whole lot of stories and characters to service in that one. But now that Supergirl and Batwoman are in the same universe, there’s nothing stopping Kara from popping over to Gotham, or Batwoman from lending a hand with her detective skills for a case in National City.

Much like the relationship between Green Arrow and The Flash became a lynchpin of the past few years, Batwoman and Supergirl could be that tie for the next generation.

Crisis on Infinite Earths Finale 2

Fallout of Earth Prime

The final hour of Crisis on Infinite Earths gave us a quick look at Earth Prime and made clear there are plenty of weird changes coming to literally every show in the Arrowverse as reality has been rewritten and not everything is how we remembered it. We'd love to see that not be swept under the rug after a week or two, and instead learn Crisis has left some permanent scars on these worlds.

From surprise characters brought back to life, to unexpected new stories tied to events we're only learning about from the Earth Prime timeline, it's a great opportunity to shake up these worlds and rewrite things that might've been written out in the past.