Arthur Darvill talks time-traveling machines in Legends of Tomorrow chat

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Jan 26, 2016, 5:24 PM EST

A few years ago, Arthur Darvill was having time-travel-related adventures in the TARDIS as Rory Williams in Doctor Who. Fast forward to 2015, where he’s having time-travel-related adventures as Rip Hunter in Legends of Tomorrow. Darvill shares his excitement about his current method of transit, the Waverider, in a new promotional video for Legends.

In the video, below, Darvill says, “One of the most exciting things to me is that I get my own space time, well, a time ship.” Even more exciting: He says it’s the biggest set he’s ever been in in his life.

The Waverider is a ship with the TARDIS-like ability to travel through time and space (although limited to travel on Earth). However, in the lore of DC Comics, Waverider wasn’t a ship but a character. Scientist Matthew Ryder built a time machine and traveled back through time. He wound up merging with the time stream, and Waverider was born. Recently, Waverider was reborn as Booster Gold.

Producers Marc Guggenheim and Phil Klemmer say that the ship is its own character, particularly its A.I., Gideon. Gideon, as we know, is the name of an A.I. in one of Legend of Tomorrow’s jumping-off series, The Flash, which was created by the future Barry Allen. Will the Gideon of tomorrow somehow relate to The Flash of the present? 

What can I say? Time will tell.