Arthur meets The Tick, and Jackie Earl Haley is the big bad in new pics from Amazon series

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Aug 2, 2016

We’re still waiting to see a trailer from Amazon’s rebooted take on The Tick, but in the meantime, the studio has finally released some fresh pics from the pilot. Want to see?

The photos give us a better look at the Big Blue Bug of Justice himself, plus some new shots of Arthur. But the most interesting ones are almost certainly Watchmen alum Jackie Earle Haley as big bad The Terror, who looks equal parts creepy and silly, which is saying something. 

“This has been a labor of love for Amazon, Sony, and all of us. The only way for this to have value was if we found a wholly new expression of ‘The Tick’ and Arthur's story in live-action, and I think we're on to something!,” creator Ben Edlund said in a statement. “Visually and thematically this new 'Tick' lives in the textures and rhetoric of today's superhero saturation tsunami -- and for it to be something you want to watch for hours, it needed to find its way to a story with heart and stakes, as well as absurdism. Is it a radically new hybrid of humor and super heroic action with characters you will care desperately about? YES! Yes it is.”

The Tick pilot is set to hit Amazon Prime on Aug. 19.

Check out the pics, along with the previously released shots, below:

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