King Country by Jordan Monsell
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King Country by Jordan Monsell

Artist creates poster with over 170 references to Stephen King’s fiction

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Apr 10, 2018, 3:03 PM EDT

Check this out, Stephen King fans. A Los Angeles-based artist has created a poster featuring over 170 references to King’s novels and short stories, as well as a few Easter eggs. 

“King Country” by Jordan Monsell is jam-packed with references to King’s work, from the sentient hedge animals in The Shining (the book, not the film) to the band gazebo from the shot story “You Know They Got a Hell of a Band” to poor Georgie Denbrough handing his paraffin paper boat to Pennywise from It. And oh, hey! Check out the Dark Tower and monsters from The Mist in the distance! 

And that really is just scratching the surface—there are some serious deep cuts in the piece. Check out the picture below and see how many references you can find.

King Country by Jordan Monsell

King Country by Jordan Monsell

Although essays, poems, and collaborations are not included, it does feature things like King's home in Bangor, Maine (seriously, it's in there somewhere).

In addition to “living in Maine … and reading King since” being in junior high, Monsell cites Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, and even the Where's Waldo books as among the chief sources of inspiration for this piece.

“I started and stopped the King piece several times over the years. He just keeps cranking out more books! For that reason, I may add to the poster in the coming years,” Monsell tells SYFY WIRE. 

Now, once you’ve driven yourself sufficiently insane trying to find each and every reference and can only find, say, 165 references, Monsell has created a handy key that shows each and every reference.


Copies of the 16”x24” poster will be available for sale at Table 97 at Monsterpalooza this weekend (April 13-15) at the Pasadena Convention Center in California. It will then be available for purchase on Monsell’s Etsy store, SilhouettesbyJordan for $30.