Artist creates vintage Stranger Things 2 book covers and Atari cartridges for each episode

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Nov 9, 2017, 10:50 PM EST

There's no shortage of cool art being created in response to Netflix's Stranger Things Season 2, which just highlights our extreme fascination with this nostalgic sci-fi series. But some art is definitively cooler -- and more nostalgic -- than others.

Brazilian graphic artist and illustrator Butcher Billy has taken inspiration from the recent nine nightmarish episodes of Stranger Things 2 and crafted a selection of vintage dog-eared paperback covers and faded Atari cartridges that reflect the retro spirit of pop culture horror of the '80s.

Stranger Things Atari Case

(Image via Butcher Billy)

According to the artist's website:

"Atari video games, Stephen King pulp paperbacks, Eerie comic books, Dario Argento B-Horror movies, MTV punks... these are some of the stranger things of the '80s."

Using the well-named episodes Mad Max, Trick or Treat, Freak, The Pollywog, Will The Wise, Dig Dug, The Spy, The Lost Sister, The Mind Flayer, and The Gate, Butcher Billy used images drawn from each chapter to symbolize the fictional volumes and game cartridges. For example: The composition of Sheriff Hopper on his nocturnal pumpkin patch excavation for Dig Dug; the Ghostbusters logo and jack-'o-lantern reflecting the gang's Halloween Night escapades during Trick or Treat, Freak; and Dart the baby demodog going down the sewer grate in a nod to Stephen King's IT for The Pollywog.

Find some room on your mental shelf for these awesome interpretations in the gallery below, and tell us which cracked covers and cartridges you'd gladly pick up at the Goodwill Thrift Store or a local yard sale.