Artist draws 300+ toon portraits of EVERY Song of Ice and Fire character

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:32 AM EDT (Updated)

With just two episodes to go before Game of Thrones season three wraps, the Seven Kingdoms are bulging at the seams with new characters.  You may be getting a bit loopy keeping track of them all, but it's nothing compared to the raucous roster of royals, rebels and raiders in the source books comprising the entire A Song of Ice and Fire saga.

Artist Txe embarked on a quest to draw every single character mentioned in George R.R. Martin's five existing books.  (The sixth, The Winds of Winter, is being written right now, and for most it can't come an instant too soon.)   Here's a preview of the awesome achievement. And for the other 289 colorful characters, head over to the artist's Facebook site.

Like the look and style of these cartoon versions?  

Makes you think about how cool a GOT animated series would be!  Hmm ...

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