Artist H.R. Giger's freaky, sexy (and Alien-y) 1979 Polariod art

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:21 AM EDT (Updated)

Best known as the guy who designed the terrifying Alien xenomorph, H.R. Giger was an extremely accomplished artist in his own right — though that doesn’t mean his other works aren't oozing with the freakiness we’ve come to expect.

Just look at this 1979 series of Polaroids, some of which have been physically changed (i.e. painted or scratched) by Giger himself to create something new that bears a distinctly freaky vibe that is also a little bit sexy ... in a scary way.

Many of the Polaroids below use lovely models, whom Giger turns into freaky monsters and nightmare-haunting images by the end of the shoot. It’s a fascinating look into some of his other design concepts, and it's a slight (albeit a bit unsettling) peek into the mind that has haunted so many dreams over the past few decades.

(Via Nerdcore, 032c, io9)