Artist plans to put the DNA of 5,000 humans into the Marianas Trench

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Sep 6, 2013, 3:09 PM EDT (Updated)

This is one of the weirdest attempts to preserve the future of the human race we've ever heard about.

Later this year, Danish artist Kristian von Hornsleth plans to take a 26-foot-tall, 26-foot-wide geometric sculpture (pictured in a conceptual drawing above) out into the Pacific Ocean among Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines, and drop it 36,000 feet down into the bottom of the Marianas Trench. Yes, that's weird enough on its own, but here's where the human-preservation element comes in: The sculpture will be filled with 5,000 human blood samples taken from volunteers all over the world, all in the hope that, someday in the future, the sculpture will be found and the DNA samples inside will be resurrected as second-chance humans.

From the introduction on the project's website:

"Science is progressing faster than the greatest philosophers dare to predict, so who’s to say that there won’t be a point in the future when these samples can’s be utilized to bring people and endangered species back to life? It could be 500 to 100,000 years from now. Who knows? But this is a chance to be there when it happens!"

According to Hornsleth, the project is also a chance to combine the desire for securing humanity's future with the desire to preserve humanity's artistic contributions.

"Think about the cavepaintings, the pyramids, and all the other great voices from the past," Hornsleth wrote, "why was it so important for them to save and secure their cultural identity? Was it mere vanity or maybe a survival instinct related to evolutionary psychology? Will we have problems with saving the human race as such? Who will be here in 30.000 years to read our signals and we enjoy the signals from former times?"

As ambitious and weird as the Hornsleth Deep Storage Project's Marianas Trench sculpture is, it's only the beginning. Hornsleth and company are planning to build several such sculptures and place them in numerous locations -- both on land and in the ocean -- around the world. So, if you're traveling in the next few years and you happen to see a giant star-shaped thing like the one above, just know there's a lot of human blood stored inside.

And speaking of human blood, it turns out Hornsleth is still taking volunteers for the Marianas Trench sculpture. So if you feel like giving up a drop of your DNA, you've got until Nov. 15 to get it to the project. Find out details here.

Many people, all over the world, are working every day to figure out ways to keep the human race surviving into the far future, so it's not surprising that some of those people would have wackier ideas than others. Hornsleth's plan is definitely strange, but what if it works? What do you think? Will Hornsleth's sculptures bring modern humans back to life in the 31st century?

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