Artist reboots skimpy female superhero costumes to make them more realistic

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Sep 19, 2013

Iconic designs are great and all, but sometimes a woman needs to kick ass in a more practical supersuit.

Criticism of the sexualized look of many female superheroes is nothing new, but some fans like to go one step further and do something about it. Among them is artist Celeste Pille, who took a commission from BuzzFeed to attempt more functional redesigns of 12 superhero women with often very impractical costumes.

"I love a cute leotard, but if I were to actually send these women out to fight evil, I’d make sure they have proper breast support, flesh protection, and no clothing that rides up the butt," Pille said on her Tumblr

With those principles in mind, Pille set to work coming up with redesigned costumes for the likes of Scarlet Witch, Power Girl, Hawkgirl, Huntress, She-Hulk and more. We've gathered a few of our favorites in the gallery below, but you can head over to BuzzFeed to see the rest.

What do you think? Should DC and Marvel be taking notes on any of these outfits?

(Via BuzzFeed)


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