Artist shows what Batman would be like if Bob Kane were REALLY his only creator

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Jan 21, 2014, 2:30 PM EST (Updated)

"Batman created by Bob Kane" is something we see a lot, but if it were really true, Batman would be a very different superhero.

A few days ago, we let you know about a campaign engineered by author Marc Tyler Nobleman to get uncredited Batman co-creator Bill Finger a Google Doodle for what would have been Finger's 100th birthday on Feb. 8. While Bob Kane has, legally speaking, sole credit for the creation of the Batman character, in reality Finger -- who wrote hundreds of DC Comics in his time -- was the person who dreamed up much of what defines the Batman mythos, including his origin, key elements of his costume and many of his most important supervillains. 

Though many comics professionals and fans have worked to raise awareness for Finger's contributions in recent years, Nobelman's voice has been one of the loudest. In 2012 he released Bill the Boy Wonder, an all-ages story detailing Finger's contributions to Batman, with the help of comic-book artist Ty Templeton. So, as Nobleman's continued to work to raise awareness about Finger as his 100th birthday approaches, Templeton's also joined in the act. Last Friday, Templeton took to his website to release a comic-book page that envisioned a world where Batman existed as a character built solely on Kane's known contributions to the character. Here's what he came up with.

As you can see, many pieces of what we know as Batman are missing, including supervillains, the Batmobile, and the iconic look of the costume. It's a powerful visual representation of what might've happened if someone like Finger hadn't come along to enrich and develop this character, even if Kane does get all the legal credit now. So, like Nobleman, Templeton is asking that you join the campaign to get Finger a Google Doodle by February by writing an email to So, if you believe that Finger deserves it, go ahead and send that email now.

(Via Ty Templeton)