Artist wants to freeze YOU in carbonite just like Han Solo

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Dec 14, 2012

Who hasn't wanted to be Han Solo? He's adventurous, he looks great in a vest, and he shoots first from his low-slung blaster. We can't all be that spacefaring smuggler (though Mal from Firefly comes close), but we CAN try to look like him. In carbonite.

That's right. Thanks to the clever work of artist Paul Pape, you can get a mini-model of yourself frozen in carbonite.

Pape makes it simple to avoid the freezing process:

Just send your picture to paulpape@gmail.com and I will sculpt the likeness, from the clothes, to the pose. Will you choose the classic pose, or something more whimsical? The choice is yours.

The model, which Pape crafts from plastic and a polymer clay called "super sculpey," costs only $50. Of course, at a mere 4.25 inches high, it's a diminutive version of the one seen in The Empire Strikes Back. Pape will craft only 200 pieces before the holidays, so right now is the best time to get a statuette of yourself clawing your way to freedom.

As Pape says on his site, "Each Custom Carbonite is sculpted to look like whomever you choose." He doesn't say whether it's in good taste to immortalize an ex-lover.

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