Artist wins $13,500 by painting Iron Man with (ugh!) his own urine

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Dec 16, 2012

Art comes in many shapes and forms—but the latest iteration of Iron Man has to be one of the most, umm, unique takes ever on Tony Stark.

Wong Tin Cheung, an art student in Taiwan, recently won a $13,500 art prize from the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts for a very revealing relieving piece based on Marvel's Iron Man.

Cheung created a portrait of sorts modeled after Iron Man's mask, made entirely of his own urine.

How did he get the red for the mask, you ask? Look no further than the submission's title: "Blood Urine Man," which was submitted in an actual toilet bowl. Eew.

According to Bleeding Cool, the young artist was inspired after finding blood in his urine, and even used a bit of spit dashed on top to mix up the color palette.

This takes the old adage of bleeding for your art to a whole new level ...

(via Bleeding Cool)