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Artists Alley: Agnes Garbowska draws Green Lantern Jessica Cruz from DC Super Hero Girls

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Aug 16, 2018, 10:00 AM EDT

Although Agnes Garbowska's art style doesn't fit the traditional superhero mold, she's reaching a wide audience as one of the artists for the DC Super Hero Girls series. Through her previous stints on My Little Pony, Powerpuff Girls, and other projects, Garbowska developed her whimsical take on the worlds of fantasy and comic book adventures. Now, in the latest installment of SYFY WIRE's Artists Alley series, Garbowska invites fans to watch as she sketches Green Lantern Jessica Cruz from DC Super Hero Girls.

According to Garbowska, Green Lantern is one of her favorite characters, and she couldn't resist sharing her reaction to the first opportunity she had to tackle them.

"I am actually a huge fan of Green Lantern," said Garbowska. "When I got asked to do [DC Super Hero Girls:]  Spaced Out, I got really, really excited because I found out I was going to be drawing the Lanterns. 'Not only Lanterns, I'm going to be drawing outer space. Not only outer space, I’m going to be drawing Supergirl' ... So I got to draw all of my favorite things."

Garbowska spoke about conveying the characters' personalities through their poses in every panel, as each mannerism and pose reveals more about who they are. She also told us how she became comfortable using watercolors while laying down a few paints to bring out the cosmic side of Jessica Cruz and her Green Lantern costume.

Additionally, Garbowska told us about DC Super Hero Girls: Out of the Bottle, her latest story that came out earlier this month. Within this tale, the titular Super Hero Girls get to make their own comics, but Harley Quinn's comic book drawings have somehow found a life of their own.

For more details from Garbowska, watch the entire video!