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Artists Alley: Cully Hamner sketches The Signal and tells us about his designs for Gotham City

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Jul 25, 2018, 9:08 PM EDT (Updated)

In 2011, veteran comic artist Cully Hamner was tasked by DC to redesign costumes for several of the company’s most iconic superheroes. More recently, Hamner was once again given a chance to flex his design skills as the artist of Batman and the Signal, a miniseries which put the spotlight on Bruce Wayne’s latest partner, Duke Thomas. Unlike the Robins, Wayne groomed Thomas to be more than just Batman’s new sidekick. As the Signal, Thomas is Gotham City’s daytime Batman. 

For the newest installment of our Artists Alley video series, Hamner sketched Thomas in costume as the Signal, and explained some the choices he made while reworking Greg Capullo’s original design for the costume.

“One thing I wanted to do when I designed this character was to make him a reverse of Batman,” said Hamner. “I had a few things to work with [from Capullo’s design]. He made a yellow and dark black costume. I wanted to make the yellow parts in the same [places] that the black parts of Batman’s costume are...The lighter parts on Batman’s costume are the dark parts on Duke’s.”

Hamner also shared some of his philosophy about art, and why artists shouldn’t be afraid to make errors while drafting their figures. 

“Drawing is actually a cascade of mistakes that you correct,” noted Hamner. “Anytime you draw, what you do is you start out with a bunch of mistakes and you fix those mistakes. So you should never be afraid of [making] mistakes.”

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