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Artists Alley: Hall of Famer John Byrne draws Cyclops

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Aug 23, 2018, 4:15 PM EDT

Eisner Award Hall of Fame inductee John Byrne is an undisputed master of the comic book medium, with signature runs on flagship DC titles like JLA, Action Comics, The Man of Steel, and Doom Patrol, and jawdropping jaunts into the universes of Marvel's Fantastic Four, Uncanny X-Men and Alpha Flight beginning back in the late '70s.

This British-born artist has influenced generations of writers and illustrators with his devoted professionalism, deep understanding of the art form, and trademark attention to detail, while helping to create and co-create dozens of characters like Kitty Pryde, Ant-Man/Scott Lang, Sabretooth, Guardian, Proteus, Black Zero, Emma Frost, and Spider-Woman.


For this edition of Artists Alley, SYFY WIRE sat down with Byrne to witness the wonders of his legendary pencil work as he sketched one of his (and fans') favorite Marvel characters, Cyclops. Listen in and behold as the Hall of Famer conjures up the laser-eyed mutant member of the X-Men, and hear some intriguing tales from Byrne's five decades plying his trade in the comic book world.

Additional material by Jeff Spry.