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Artists Alley: Nathan Fox sketches The Weatherman's Nathan Bright and Amanda Cross

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Nov 22, 2018, 12:07 PM EST (Updated)

Welcome to Mars! Earlier this year, artist Nathan Fox and writer Jody Leheup introduced readers to The Weatherman, Image Comics’ newest sci-fi title. Within the book, Nathan Bright was once the top weatherman on Mars, years after it had been terraformed and made livable. However, a devastating attack has hit the Earth, and Nathan’s the prime suspect. Nathan's only real ally is Amanda Cross, an agent who was originally sent to build the case against him.

SYFY WIRE is featuring Fox in our latest installment of Artists Alley, and for the occasion, he chose to draw both Nathan and Amanda. Fox also picked a pose that captured their conflicting personalities, while telling us how much he enjoys working with these characters.

“It’s really amazing to work on characters once you kind of figure out who they are,” said Fox. “When we got started on the comic book, and I started working with Jody on the series, we knew that we wanted time to really develop the characters and their voices as much as we could. Probably before we even really got story stuff, because ... in The Weatherman, everything is bound around these two crazy kids and their relationship.”

According to Fox, he and Jody have worked together on The Weatherman for two years now, including time spent in development. Additionally, Fox touched upon his unique education in comics, because he went to school with two future comic creators: Jim Mahfood and Mike Huddleston.

For more details about The Weatherman and Fox’s art techniques, check out the full video. Then leave a comment for us below!