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Artists Alley: Rockstars' Megan Hutchison sketches Neil Gaiman's Sandman

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Jun 28, 2018, 5:30 PM EDT

Comic book creator and illustrator Megan Hutchison (Vesna, Will O' the Wisp) is widely known for her amazing work on Image Comics' Rockstars, which follows rock bands from various eras and genres that are plagued by the supernatural. The ongoing series has previously been described by Hutchison as a cross between Almost Famous and The X-Files.

Hutchison recently sketched one of Neil Gaiman's most famous comic book creations for SYFY WIRE's latest edition of Artists Alley: Sandman, aka Morpheus of the Dreaming.

The Gothic artist explained how she grew up reading a lot of underground comics, with Sandman being the first regular title that she got into. She also revealed that when she was in high school, she thought she would become a fashion designer of men's clothing and that she always designed men in dresses. Hutchison then mentioned her background in graphic design and why she goes for the whole composition first and then the face.

She also teased two upcoming projects. "Joe Harris, with who I do Rockstars, he and I are part of a core anthology for John Carpenter," she told us. "It's about a witch, and there's a lot of death and teen horror, and it's all pink so that'll be a lot of fun. So that's the next project. I'm currently drawing that right now. After that, I am co-writing and drawing a graphic novel with Jimmy Palmiotti about a mermaid, and it's a buddy road trip comedy. So, a little different for both of us, but it will be very inappropriate."

Hutchison also opened up about being a kid wanting to draw comics in the '90s, how she gets a bit OCD when drawing, and that she had to learn to relax while working on an illustration. She also mentioned that drawing hair and plants were her favorite things (with trees being sort of her calling card as an artist) and had some pro-tips to share for aspiring comic book artists.

There's a lot more to learn about Hutchison's methodology (as well as her favorite tools!) as an artist, so check out our exclusive video as she brings Sandman to life.

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