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Artists Alley: Tales For a Halloween Night's Jaime Carrillo sketches a zombie

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Jul 11, 2018, 2:30 PM EDT

Fans of John Carpenter's anthology series Tales for a Halloween Night will no doubt be familiar with Jaime Carrillo's work on the horror comic. The freelance traditional artist also boasts the uncanny ability to bring his detailed and vibrant art to life primarily through oil paintings.

Carrillo took some time for SYFY WIRE's latest edition of Artists Alley to sketch a zombie, during which the artist explained his methodology when working on drawings during convention appearances. Armed with Copic Markers ("because they're really easy and quick to use," Carrillo told us), Carrillo brought the undead creature to gory life in front of our eyes.

Explaining how he uses a lot of traditional media — even though he knows how to use Photoshop and other digital programs — Carrillo revealed it's mainly because of how he was originally influenced by the older fantasy illustrators from the 1970s and '80s (hence the use of paint). Which can be a bit tougher at times because of the deadlines.

Carrillo (who's a fan of the color gray) went on to tell us about skin color and how when he started he found it very difficult to portray. "Because skin takes on the qualities of whatever environment around it," he said, adding that "you don't stick to one flesh or one skin color. If you do, it's kind of a recipe for disaster, because all of your pieces are gonna look identical, and they'll look like everybody's standing in the same place even if they're on the moon and you paint them with the same color as somebody who's standing in the front yard. It just doesn't read right."

About his work for publisher Storm King Comics' Tales for a Halloween Night, Carrillo told us that he generally uses pencil but that he also used gouache in the latest issue. However, for the next one, he'd like to use Copic Markers.

There's a lot more juicy stuff (of the decaying kind) in our exclusive video with Jaime Carrillo so, dig in!

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