Ash vs. Evil Dead at NYCC 2016: The panel, the reveals, the... musical episode?

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Oct 6, 2016, 4:08 PM EDT (Updated)

The cast of Ash vs. Evil Dead hit Hammerstein Ballroom like a bionic glove to the johnson this Thursday morning. And if there's better company to be in at the start of New York Comic Con 2016, I can't think of it.

Lee Majors, Lucy Lawless, Ted Raimi, Ray Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo, Michelle Hurd and of course the man himself, Bruce Cambell, were all on hand.

Bruce, naturally, was in rare form, kissing hands, offering ten bucks to any fan who said they loved him, and railing against people with questions about Star Wars. "Ash doesn't give a $#@! about other shows!" And don't get him started on his other characters. Who's his favorite? "I don't pit my characters against each other. All the checks cleared equally."

And then there's Ted Raimi, finally back after 30 years. A 14-year-old kid playing a foot in Evil Dead, and now a veteran film and TV actor playing Chet, the guy who never left his hometown. in Ash vs. Evil Dead. How does it feel? "It's like going back to being the store clerk all over again." But the excitement in the room is palpable. Lee Majors, the Six Million Dollar Man, is in the house.

And as Ted Raimi tries to pull a fast one by imitating Majors' southern drawl, Lee reminds everyone who the true king in the room is by squeaking his voice up to a pitch perfect Ted Raimi impression. There wasn't enough ointment in the entire building for that burn.

But, hey -- you wanna know about what's coming, right? Well, the cast was surprisingly loose-lipped. So if you want to be totally surprised, look away. And there were some juicy hints of things to come. So be prepared!

Michelle Hurd, who plays Linda B (not the Linda who got killed way back in Evil Dead and Evil Dead II), revealed that she's thus far managed to avoid getting covered in unspeakable body juices. But she did reveal that she has a serious conversation with some black goo. Maybe she'll turn evil? Guess we'll see.

There's one person who will get the blood, puke, and dookie treatment: Lee Majors. We'll also see where Ash's libido comes from. Brock Williams' truck actually has the tagline "Brock Williams has wood: call me" on it. He works in lumber, guys. Lumber. What were you thinking?

And then there's Pablo. Nudity. That's what we know. The man will be naked for a lot of the episode, Santiago revealed. He's connected to the Necronomicon in a way that requires the mystical equivalent of a restraining order.

And speaking of evil, there's Ruby. Lucy Lawless revealed that Ruby will be her own worst enemy this season. Lawless says she'll befriend Kelly and Pablo, but neither Dana nor Ray would commit to that idea. Trust Ruby? Nah.

Time travel, the return of actors and characters from Evil Dead's past? It's all possible. A musical episode? All right, don't get crazy now. "Season 4," says Bruce. Don't be fooled by the snark, though, because it sounds like Season 3 will be announced before the con is over.

Finally, the crowd hushed for a special viewing of the second episode of Season 2, which will air this Sunday. I don't want to spoil anything, but here's a two-word hint of things to come: Prince Albert. That's it. You'll either be on the floor laughing or on the floor puking by the end of it. Possibly both.

But let us know. Were you at the panel? What was your favorite moment? And keep an eye out, because we'll be interviewing the cast and there will be video soon. Stay tuned!

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