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Exclusive: Ash vs Evil Dead’s Ray Santiago and Lindsay Farris set opposite odds on the show’s future

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Jun 28, 2018, 5:06 PM EDT

Though Ash vs Evil Dead may be gone, one star has hope that the franchise, much like the Deadites, will live on.  

At the Saturn Awards in Burbank, California, on Wednesday night, SYFY WIRE spoke with two of the cast members about the chances Ash vs Evil Dead could continue in some form after its recent cancellation. Surprisingly, both gave two very different answers about what the future might hold. 

"I wouldn't say that the series is completely gone," said Lindsay Farris, who played Dalton, one of the Knights of Sumeria. "Rob Tapert is a powerhouse producer, Bruce Campbell is a very smart and creative man, I'm sure there's cogs in the works. I'm 90% sure it'll be coming back in some way. Maybe. You gotta hope." 

Ray Santiago, who played Pablo Simon Bolivar, didn't exactly share in his co-star's optimism. "We'll see, we'll see," Santiago said, adding, "I'm 10% sure about something else."

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When asked about where the show could go, Farris said that "there's a heap of realm and territory in Evil Dead that's currently unexplored. I would love to explore the Knights of Sumeria world. When we first met them in the Evil Dead franchise, they were wearing chainmail using swords, and now they're using shotguns and motorcycles. And I've never seen a show with knights that ride motorbikes and use shotguns." 

Even if the show isn't picked up by another network or streaming service for a theoretical fourth season, Farris did say that "we could always do with another Evil Dead film."

Even though Santiago has his doubts, if the story were to move forward, he noted that he'd like to see it go "to the future." Specifically, he wants to see Pablo and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) have a child of their own, with "her voice and my hair."

While canceled shows do have a better chance of living on in our era of series revivals and network-hopping, there could be one thing throwing a wrench in the whole operation: Ash Williams himself. 

Bruce Campbell, who's played the character of Ash since the first Evil Dead film in 1981, has previously stated on Twitter that he's retiring the character for good. However, the franchise mainstay went on to say that he's willing to pass the torch to other Evil Dead actors. He even shared Farris' sentiment that there's lots of "unexplored territory" to be looked at should it happen. 

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