Ash vs. Evil Dead: Watch Papa Ash provide hilariously bad parental advice

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:06 AM EDT (Updated)

We’ve got less than a month to wait until Ash vs. Evil Dead returns for a third season and Starz has dropped a couple of hilarious promos with Papa Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) providing some incredibly bad (but oh so funny) parental advice about kids. So, what qualifications does Ash have to give such advice in the first place? Because he’s the hero of Elk Grove, duh.

That and because our boomstick-wielding lothario will discover he’s the proud father of a long-lost teenage daughter named Brandy Barr (Arielle Carver-O’Neill, Predestination) when the show returns. The three promos released so far have Ash discussing various subject matters including how to settle arguments, advice on teenage partying, and sex.

In first one titled “Arguments,” Ash provides some groovy advice as to how to settle arguments that can arise in the home because of curfews, money and who gets the remote in a mature way. Ash being Ash, his mature way involves throwing them out until they cry uncle, or, in his case, king.

Ash’s advice on partying is a tad more cringe-y than the one on arguments when he kicks things off by suggesting that “kids and parties go together like hookers and hand-jobs.” He then suggests parents should actually tag along because why should their kids have all the fun?

Then comes his rules on sex. Yes. He goes there. At first, his advice sounds pretty sensible like carrying protection (however in Ash’s case that protection is a shotgun) and never doing it on a first date (unless that date is super hot). As for the third one, it's as much a doozy as his first two rules.

Ash vs. Evil Dead returns for a Deadite-filled 10-episode season on Feb. 25. Check out the gallery below for images from various Season 3 episodes and go here for recent trailer.