Assassin's Creed goes Greek with new Odyssey video game

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Feb 5, 2019, 8:02 PM EST (Updated)

After a disappointing movie and a foray into Ancient Egypt, the future of the roof-running, building-climbing, neck-slicing Assassin’s Creed series seemed like it had unlimited possibilities. Without being tied to a successful film (which would incentivize more delving into franchisable story) and already touching many different time periods, the groundwork was set for the next game to go... well, anywhere.

And anywhen.

In a brief video tease/announcement, Ubisoft premiered Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, which seems to have departed from Origins (the recent Egyptian game) that many thought would get a sequel. Instead, it looks to be heading to the era of Homer’s Odyssey in classical Greece.

Take a look:

It's brief, sure, but that’s a Spartan reference to 300 if ever there was one. Will this game revolve around the warring politics of the city-states? The legendary travels of one woebegone sailor? Ubisoft’s press conference on June 11 at E3 will give us more info, but not before fans’ appetites for phalanxes and war cries are thoroughly whetted.