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Assassin’s Creed Infographics: Enter the Animus with these exclusive images from the upcoming book

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Apr 29, 2019, 5:57 AM EDT (Updated)

The secret and exciting world of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed video games gets an in-depth exploration, courtesy of an upcoming book from Ilex Press, Assassin's Creed Infographics: Explore the Amazing History of the Assassin's Creed Universe.

Written by Guillaume Delalande and illustrated by Bunka, the publication's got all the detailed information that any hardcore Assassin's Creed fan could ever want: the complete family tree of Desmond Miles, a rundown of the different Apples of Eden, a backgrounder on Abstergo Industries, Animus schematics, and much, much more.

"The aim was to question the real history and the events in the whole saga, to tell the creation stories of each and every game, comics, and short movies," Delalande tells SYFY WIRE via email. "[I had] special access to the creative teams in Montreal, interviewing them and having all sorts of information given to me. They were kind enough to answer to any detailed question I had for them. The game guides were also helpful for putting up the statistics, but for the most part it was about personal research, playing, and reading everything produced by the AC creatives."

Delalande is a hardcore fan of the series, and particularly fond of Unity, as it takes place in his native France. He also considers Black Flag to be the best pirate-based video game ever created, having logged more than 100 hours playing it.

"I truly think [this book] is the best way to sum up the whole saga," he added. "It covers all humankind history from Adam and Eve to the modern age, and it might be difficult to follow all the tracks as the games only gives you the stories bit by bit. Now you have the opportunity to see it all lined up for you. The origin of humankind and the artifacts creation is often a story difficult to grasp."

Check out the cover: 

Assassin's Creed cover

Credit: Ilex Press/Ubisoft

In the exclusive preview below, you can see the various objects that exert control over humanity. You've got everything from your standard Ankh of Eden to your Crystal Skulls. Just don't bring that last artifact up with Dr. Jones, it's still a sore subject.

"Seeing the first sketches by the talented Bunka made me feel like it was all coming alive under my very eyes," Delalande says. "It’s one thing to write things down in a text file, it’s another to see it drawn out in color in a book."

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Credit: Ilex Press/Ubisoft

And while he's written two other Assassin's Creed books in the past, Delalande admits that there were still things that surprised him during the creation of this project.

"Lying down all the personal stories of each assassin, I had to pick from the games, the novels, and the comics and give back a story easy to understand," he explains. "But some of them have their stories extremely fragmented in several games and other publications. It feels like I’m giving justice back to some of them in putting all the pieces together in a nice and easy timeline (looking at you Haytham!)."

Assassin’s Creed Infographics: Explore the Amazing History of the Assassin’s Creed Universe goes on sale in the U.S. on Oct. 2. You can order a copy here. Check out the gallery below for a look at three exclusive page spreads from the book.