Assassin’s Creed Origins got that Great Pyramid discovery (almost) right

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Mar 26, 2021, 2:03 PM EDT (Updated)

Egypt revealed one of its long-hidden secrets earlier this week when a void in the Great Pyramid was discovered by particle physics 4,500 years after the tomb of the Pharaoh Khufu rose out of ancient sands—but it seems Assassin’s Creed Origins already knew that.

You’d think that a major scientific and archaeological discovery in the setting of the next installment of Assassin’s Creed would mean the game was already outdated, but this is one case where a video game actually beat the physicists investigating the inside of the mysterious structure using subatomic particles called muons. Muons are formed when cosmic rays smash into atoms in the atmosphere. They lose energy as they pass through material, so how many made it through the stone walls told the #ScanPyramids research team how dense or hollow it was on the other side.

So how is it that you can virtually get so close to the actual void in the Great Pyramid? It was the controversial theories of French architect Jean-Pierre Houdin (not to be confused with Houdini) that convinced game designers to include the unmarked chambers and a ramp that spirals through the inside of the tomb. Houdin believed that the pyramid was hiding a massive spiral ramp and mysterious empty spaces. The masterminds at Ubisoft collaborated with Houdin for years and wanted to give players the chance to unlock even more secrets as they battle their way through Ptolemaic Egypt.   

When you enter the Great Pyramid through the north side in the game, you soon find yourself in the shadows of the grand gallery at the foot of a seemingly endless ramp. The Queen’s Chamber is here. Light a torch, climb to the top and you’ll find the King’s Chamber, beyond which are Houdin’s theoretical antechambers, right around where the void actually exists.

Houdin was so excited for his vision to come to life that he even posted the game trailer on his Facebook. Too bad you can’t see it unless he’s friended you.

(via Kotaku)