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Credit: Eon Productions

Aston Martin is making James Bond's Goldfinger DB5 again, smoke screen emitter and all

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Jul 6, 2020, 5:24 PM EDT

We’re not saying you can be a double-0 agent without first attending an accredited four-year spy school, but if you’ve got the means, you can get some extra credit by buying James Bond’s Aston DB5, straight off the factory floor.

That’s because the venerable British car company, in conjunction with Bond production company Eon Productions, is rolling out 25 new DB5 Goldfinger Continuations, the first of which, aka “Job 1,” just came correct off the factory line. The company says it took some 4,500 hours to recreate the very classic ride that Sean Connery made famous in the Midas-touched 1964 James Bond film, Goldfinger. Perhaps that’s why it costs some $3.5 million American dollars (better hit that Baccarat table, folks).

If you’ll recall, Bond gets introduced to the slick whip by Q, who tells 007 it’s just as beautifully equipped on the inside as it obviously is on the outside, replete with oil-slicking, smoke-screening, and passenger-seat-ejecting special features.

Of course, in typical Bond fashion, he goes on to thoroughly test Q’s equipment, and in doing so, created an automotive legend. So much so that, 56 years later, Aston Martin is pulling out all the stops to make this thing as Goldfinger-correct as possible, including all the car's original specs (granted, modern safety specifications make this thing far-from road legal), and more importantly, its gadgets.

According to Aston Martin's initial announcement of the project, “This authenticity will extend to include functioning gadgets such as revolving number plates and more, which were made famous in Goldfinger. The gadgets will be co-developed with Oscar winner Chris Corbould, special effects supervisor from the James Bond films.”

Credit: Aston Martin/Eon Productions

Other non-lethal gadgets on the Silver Birch-painted DB5 include a smoke screen emitter, removable passenger seat roof panel (no actual ejection seat, unfortunately), battering rams and fake front machine guns, oil-slick delivery system, and tire slashers. On the inside you get a fake radar display, door telephone, hidden weapons trays, and remote-controlled gadget activation.

And no, we’re not joking. In the words of Q... “I never joke about my work, 007.”

(via CNET)