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Credit: Eon Productions

Aston Martin releasing recreations of 007's car from Goldfinger, complete with working spy gadgets

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Aug 20, 2018, 11:27 AM EDT (Updated)

The dream of every James Bond fan/car enthusiast is about to come true, assuming you have a hefty bank account to bring those 007 fantasies into the real world.

Today, Aston Martin announced that it will be releasing 25 recreations of 007's DB5 model from 1964's Goldfinger, arguably one of the most iconic and beloved Bond films in the franchise's history. It was certainly the first installment to earn Agent Bond his worldwide reputation for using cool and fancy spy-fi gadgets. The DB5 also became indicative of the series, having been featured in six more movies after Goldfinger. And who doesn't love Shirley Bassey's classic theme song?!

Not only will the vehicle (a collaboration between Aston Martin and EON Productions) perfectly resemble the car from the movie, but it'll also have working gadgets that would certainly earn a seal of approval from none other than Q himself. 

“The connection between Aston Martin and James Bond is something of which we are very proud and it is remarkable that the DB5 remains the definitive James Bond car after so many years," said Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer. "To own an Aston Martin has long been an aspiration for James Bond fans, but to own a Silver Birch DB5, complete with gadgets and built to the highest standards in the very same factory as the original James Bond cars? Well, that is surely the ultimate collectors’ fantasy. The skilled craftspeople at Aston Martin Works and the expert special effects team from the James Bond films are about to make this fantasy real for 25 very lucky customers.”

While Desmond Llewelyn sadly passed away in 1999, Aston Martin was able to get the Oscar-winning special effects supervisor Chris Corbould (Moonraker, Superman II, Casino RoyaleStar Wars: The Last Jedi, Bond 25) to co-develop the working gadgets, which include, among other things, revolving license plates. You can probably bet good money that it won't come with an oil slick or built-in machine guns. Because, yeah, that's probably not road legal. Hopefully, the gear lever will come with the red button, but it'll probably just take the top down without ejecting you or your passenger... hopefully.

“The connection between Aston Martin and James Bond originated more than half a century ago. Creating 25 Goldfinger DB5 continuations and working with EON Productions and special effects supervisor, Chris Corbould, is something truly unique and a real career highlight for everyone involved here at Aston Martin Works," added Managing Director at Aston Martin Works Paul Spires.

You'll have to start pinching those pennies, because the limited-edition recreation is priced at £2.75 million, or $3.5 million. Deliveries to the lucky customers will begin in 2020.