Astronaut Peggy Whitson breaks record for longest time in space

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Apr 26, 2017, 1:17 PM EDT (Updated)

NASA Astronaut Peggy Whitson - who is currently serving on board the International Space Station - recently broke the record for most spacewalks done by a woman and as of this morning, she's left another one in her wake. At 1:27 EDT, Whitson officially logged the most cumulative hours in space of any American astronaut, beating Jeff Williams' record of 534 days, 2 hours, and 48 minutes.

Even with the newly shattered record, Whitson won't be heading back to Earth anytime soon. She's scheduled to remain on the space station until September, putting her total time upon her return at 650 days (give or take a few hours) in space over the course of her career.

Whitson has had quite the illustrious career so far, making her first expedition to the Space Station in 2002, before being named the first female commander of ISS in 2007. She has since become the first woman to command ISS twice, as well as one-half of the first time two female commanders have been in orbit at the same time.

Has she broken any other records? So glad you asked. At 57-years-old, she is also the oldest woman to have ever gone on a spacewalk and has the 5th most recorded time in EVA. 

After she broke the record this morning, fans and fellow astronauts shared their love and support on social media.

Congratulations, Peggy, and here's to many more smashed records in the future. We'll see you back here on Earth in the Fall.

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