Astronomer protects backyard telescope by hiding it in a TARDIS

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Dec 14, 2012

Time isn't the only thing made of wibbly-wobbly stuff. Space can be pretty wibbly-wobbly, too. So it makes sense that when it came time for an astronomer to build a cover for his backyard telescope that he'd put it inside a TARDIS.

Duncan Kitchin needed a protective shell he could wrap around his telescope so he wouldn't have to lug it outside every time he wanted to study the stars, and he built one in the shape of a TARDIS. Now his Takahashi FSQ-106ED stays in place, and the TARDIS can be wheeled away whenever he wants to watch the skies.

Even though we don't have a telescope in our backyard, we sure wouldn't mind looking out the window at one of these every day!

(via Discover)

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