Astronomy meetup in Austin, Texas!

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Dec 30, 2007

In January I am traveling to Austin in the doomed state of Texas for the annual meeting of the American Astronomical Society. Pamela Gay (of Star Stryder and Astronomy Cast), Fraser Cain (Universe Today and Astronomy Cast), and I are attending, and we plan on doing lots of interviews and live-blogging while we're there.

We're also planning on having a meetup with our readers and listeners on Tuesday night, January 8th, at 8:00 p.m. The location is tentatively set to be at Iron Cactus, a place I loved the last time I was in town. The food was great! We'll firm up the location as soon as we can.

This will be the second day of the meeting, so I'm sure we can get some other astrobloggers to come along as well. The last blogging meetup was a raging success, so let's do it again!

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