At last you can get drunk with Japanese monsters at this Kaiju-themed bar. Really.

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:25 AM EDT (Updated)

For years now, you have been lied to, fed the false notion that the best way to win the war between man and giant monster is through warfare utilizing an equally giant robot or superhero.


The simple truth is that all you need is Sam Malone to pour you another one, while you and the fella with the scales and radioactive breath show each other pictures of your kids and laugh over how time flies by. You sing a song, maybe something in a Billy Joel standard, and before you know it you'll have completely forgotten all about what you were fighting for in the first place. Yes, sir. Peace in our time.

"But Dan," you say. "How can this be? Where is this Utopian Cheers?"

Japan, my friend. Where else?

The newly opened Kaiju Sakaba, located in Kawasaki, is actually dedicated to the classic japanese series Ultraman. It hosts theme meals and drinks, and it's got action figures and memorabillia galore, but most importantly, it's got people wearing ridiculous rubber monster costumes.

There's even a research area where kaiju can further study mankind, their heroes and their weapons, all in an effort, I'm choosing to assume, to make peace.

Check out the gallery below and, if you're a poor westerner such as I, wish that, someday, you will make your way to Kaiju Sakaba, where every monster knows your name.

(via Kotaku)