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At least one of our worst fears won't be crawling into IT

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:21 AM EDT (Updated)

Andy Muschietti’s revamp of IT has had horror fans wondering what he may have lurking in the shadows that the 1990 miniseries missed—and what he killed off.

While Stephen King devotees like myself may be dying to see terrors from the novel that never materialized back when Tim Curry was the shapeshifter behind a bizarre entire circus of murders, there are two terrors Muschietti won’t be resurrecting.

The creature in the novel reflects a victim’s worst fears in every form from a mummy to a Frankenstein’s monster to a horde of bloodthirsty flying leeches. Lycanthropy was also in its repertoire. While we’ve seen glimpses of the thing shedding its clown skin for werewolf form in the latest trailer, one thing Pennywise won’t be morphing into is a monstrous spider.


Muschietti’s version will show more of Pennywise adapting into various forms that are based on the children’s individual fears. However, it will not show Pennywise as a giant spider like it did in the 1990 miniseries adaptation,” revealed Bloody-Disgusting reporter Kalyn Corrigan after a tell-all set visit. “Instead, much like the original novel, it will feature Pennywise in other various forms according to what each child in The Losers Club specifically fears, including a Leper, which will be played by renowned heavy makeup character actor Javier Botet.”

Something else that won’t be crawling onscreen this time around is Maturin, the primordial turtle spirit which (spoiler ahead) is summoned by some sort of Lovecraftian ritual meant to seek advice on taking down the clown. The enormous turtle won’t be on the big screen, but there will be a ghost of its presence.

There won’t be any Turtle character, but an easter egg will allude to its presence,” said Corrigan. “Look for the egg when the kids are playing in the quarry and think they see something hiding in the water.”

Maturin is also the cyborg turtle-god in The Dark Tower. Coincidence, or … ? Let that haunt you until IT emerges on September 8.

(via Bloody-Disgusting)

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