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Atari readies new system for launch— meet the Atari VCS

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Mar 19, 2018, 7:04 PM EDT

Get ready for the return of a true classic— Atari is gearing up to release their first gaming system since they attempted to make the Atari Jaguar a thing in 1993. 

As reported by Collider, the new "gaming and entertainment platform" will be called the Atari VCS, which will replace the previously ennounced name of "Ataribox." The new (yet retro-inspired) system will use both a classic joystick and a modern controller. The new console debuted at the recent Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco, and according to Collider, they are looking to reveal a pre-order date next month. This release was supposed to take place last year, but the developers ultimately delayed that launch— as they say in a statement, they "weren’t willing to go forward with even one thing out of alignment." 

The latest Atari system (something we honestly never thought we'd ever type again) will update the look of the Atari 2600 system, and feature a sleeker, more modern look. Collider is writing that the plan for the VCS is for it to deliver the system's classic content, as well as being a "completely new Atari-connected device designed for today's living room." 

Atari VCS Console

Courtesy of Atari

What exactly they mean by that is not clear at the moment— will new games be produced for the console, or will it just be a mechanism that plays the old classics? If it's a full entertainment system, will it be able to stream, download, and so forth? Will it be able to control your living room lights? Can it make julienne fries? We don't know any of this yet, but we are eager to find out. 

Another thing we don't know— what the cost will be. How much are nostalgia-crazed Atari fans willing to shell out for this new system? Time will tell, but we'll likely know more when the pre-sale date is announced. In the meantime, the system certainly looks like something one might describe as "retro-chic" and makes us want to pop in Blade Runner, for some reason. Here's hoping that everything is in alignment this time. 

Are you ready to accept Atari back into your life, of are you doing just fine with your current gaming system? Space invade the comments and let us know! 

(Via: Collider)