Atlantis star Jack Donnelly was 'gutted' when the BBC fantasy series was cancelled

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Feb 10, 2015, 4:58 PM EST (Updated)

The fantasy series Atlantis was a fun ride, but the BBC pulled the plug a few weeks ago — and star Jack Donnelly is understandably destroyed over it.

Donnelly, who played Jason on the short-lived project, chatted with Digital Spy about the cancellation and said he was “gutted” by the BBC’s decision to cancel the series during its second season. The series aired on BBC America in the U.S. and Space in Canada. The back half of the second season has yet to air but is expected to arrive in the spring.

Donnelly revealed he was actually signed on for a five-year contract, but all of that is obviously off the table now that production has been shuttered. So he’s headed back to the audition circuit to try and find his next gig:

“I was literally told 3 weeks ago that it was not coming back, ‘cause I was contracted to 5 years, should it go on. I was about to go on holiday with my family. I don't know if there's a ‘media line’ I'm supposed to go with for this, but I'll be totally honest, I was gutted. I loved that job - it was the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. I genuinely enjoyed every second of it. I'm gonna miss the people most of all - just not going back and being with those people, especially Mark [Addy] and Rob [Emms]. I mean, we had the best time - and I'm gutted because there was still the second half of the series to go…

"I've got to be grateful - it was a great platform for me and I loved it and all the people, but it's back to auditioning and seeing what's next. It's weird, I was going on a family holiday the day after I found out Atlantis wasn't coming back, so I ended up in Gambia, thinking, 'What do I do next?' - it was bizarre, but lovely at the same time. I've spoken to my agent and we're seeing what happens next. I'm talking with my best friend Joel - who is my comedy partner - about improv again.”

It’s a shame to see Atlantis shut down and sent to the bottom of the ocean. The series wasn’t high art, but it was a fun fantasy series — and it actually did pull a decent audience. Were you bummed to see it canceled?

(Via Digital Spy)