Attack on Titan live-action movie clip features some high-flying, gory action

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Sep 29, 2015, 3:58 PM EDT

Shinji Higuchi’s two-part live-action Attack on Titan flick, based on Hajime Isayama’s hit Japanese manga series, is about to hit North America, starting with part one, out in select movie theaters tomorrow, Sept. 30, with part two following suit on Oct. 20.

The gist of the storyline takes place in the future and follows a group of heroes who decide to fight back against a very freaky race of “Titans,” stark naked (but with no private bits) gigantic monsters who like to chomp down on people. Humanity has walled itself up in an attempt to save themselves from those titanic humanoid killers, and live in complete terror of them.

You can have a look at a new action-packed clip from the monster smash Japanese movie, featuring some action-packed, high-flying (and gory) action.


Check out the official site to find out where the movie will play and buy your tickets. Are you planning on seeing part one of Attack on Titan starting tomorrow?

(via Shock Till You Drop)