August 27 in Sci-Fi History: Happy Birthday, Pee-wee!

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Aug 27, 2017

There are few things that bring more joy around here than getting to honor a bona fide national treasure. On this day in 1952, we were given Paul Reubens. You know him as the comic genius behind Pee-wee Herman.

We thought it'd be a little chancey to call his character science-fiction, but then we were reminded about what went on in that playhouse ...

Reubens originally conceived of the Pee-wee character during his time with The Groundlings in the late '70s. Reubens performed a stage show as the character for five years, which turned into an HBO special.

And then … Tim Burton made Pee-wee's Big Adventure (1985).

Then there was Big Top Pee-wee (1988), which is surprisingly great after a few watches.

Reubens has worked pretty consistently since then, and the stage show saw a revival in Los Angeles and New York in 2010.

Honestly, though, his in-bred Austrian character is some of the best guest-star casting ever done on 30 Rock.

Wish him well on Twitter here!

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