Ava’s secret revealed and a major death in the latest Legends of Tomorrow 

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Dec 26, 2019, 2:51 PM EST (Updated)

The keyword this week is “Identity,” and both the A and B stories focused on two characters figuring out who they want to be when push comes to shove — and facing that decision regardless of the consequences.

Spoilers ahead for “I, Ava,” the latest episode of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, which aired Monday, March 26, 2018.

We’ve known for the past week or so that Rip was hiding a secret about Ava, and it didn’t take long to be revealed. The secret turned out to be one bizarre, Legends-y twist. Apparently Ava is an anachronism from the year 2213, and is apparently a time-displaced clone that is used for everything from police work to dog walking. Rip has seemingly known this ever since Ava surfaced years ago in the present day — and generated a fake identity and even hired her some fake parents off Craigslist to keep her in the dark. The obvious question here is why Rip would go to so much trouble to keep an anachronism around, to the point of recruiting her into the Time Bureau. She’s obviously capable, but if that’s the reason, then why not pop back to 2213 and pick up a few more Avas to fill out the Time Bureau roster?

The reveal is handled perfectly, with Ava stumbling upon the reveal and literally fainting when put face to face with a clone of herself. Fresh off her breakup with Sara, Ava was in the midst of some soul-searching before realizing she’s actually one of thousands of identical clones. Despite the adversity, the Ava we’ve gotten to know the past season or so is still a strong and capable woman — even if she’s technically one of thousands of the exact same strong and capable woman. 

Ava processes her realization with her fists, absolutely destroying an entire platoon of Ava clones. As if there was any doubt, she’s clearly grown beyond whatever she was upon creation to become something new. Something more. Something all her own.

But Ava wasn’t the only one on a journey of self-discovery. Kuasa, Amaya’s rogue granddaughter who wields the water totem and has been working with the Darhks, finally takes a stand for her family. Amaya’s loss of her totem is starting to ripple through time, to the point that the modern-day Vixen is still hitting the streets as a vigilante — sans superpowers. Amaya and Kuasa see the impact it is having on the timeline, and Kuasa gives the totem back to her grandmother in an effort to set at least some of the timeline right — and eventually stands up to the Darhks, with fatal consequences. As Amaya admits, she goaded Kuasa to prove herself worthy of her family legacy. In her final moments, she does just that. She may have died, but Kuasa gave her life finally standing up for what’s right.

Along with giving the Darhks another totem, her death also shocks Amaya into action, as she goes rogue and heads to 1992 to save her village from the attack that kills her during the regular timeline (catch all that?). It’s a story that’s been brewing ever since Amaya joined the team, and it’ll be interesting to see how that story is handled now that it’s finally coming to a head.

Assorted musings


*So Sara and Ava are still apparently broken up, though they’re clearly on pretty good terms now. Forcing Sara into action looks to have been the perfect way to get her mind off the darkness she tapped into while possessed by Mallus. Sara is still damaged, sure, but she can put that aside to fight the good fight as needed. It’s a realization she finds with Ava along the way, that no matter what, they’ll still lead their teams when the world is in the balance.

*Zari training Mick was an interesting pairing, and one that a big ensemble like this can afford the creative team to explore. Mick learned a lesson about how he needs to control his fire totem, and Zari got to positively terrorize him to make that point. 

*Nate and Wally are a ton of fun together. If they’re looking for another spinoff, that’s one heck of a bro-down option.

*Speaking of fun pairings, having Damien Darhk working out his frustrations about Mallus with Nate was hilarious. They’ve milked the Darhk train about as much as possible at this point, but still, having them fake torture made for some good laughs. Damien has made no qualms about the fact that he doesn’t like Nora being possessed, and the juxtaposition of having him be a stone-cold killer and loving father is a fun one.

*Next week: The team goes back in time to save a young Barack Obama from Gorilla Grodd, which is probably one of the craziest premises in superhero TV history.