Avatar CRUSHES Blu-ray and DVD sales records

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Looks like Fox wasn't off base last week when it predicted Avatar could surpass The Twilight Saga: New Moon—which has sold 6.5 million copies on DVD and Blu-ray—as the year's best-selling release. Because according to Variety, as of Sunday afternoon, the film had sold 6.7 million copies in four days in North America alone.

Of those copies, 2.7 million were on Blu-ray, not only shattering the record that previous best-seller The Dark Knight had reached, but also driving the sale of Blu-ray players at Best Buy. (The Dark Knight, by the way, took 18 months to sell 2.5 million Blu-rays.)

Avatar's Blu-ray numbers were equally impressive overseas—the film became the biggest picture to launch on DVD and Blu-ray in France, with 400,000 discs selling on its first day there; sold 450,000 discs on its first day in Germany, beating out the fifth Harry Potter film, which had dominated the charts in that country; and became the biggest pre-order of all time for a studio overseas.

Did you buy one of the weekend's 6.5 million copies? If so, what did you think?

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