Avatar has now officially made more than Dark Knight

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Avatar racked up more box-office records over the Jan. 22 weekend:

♦It exceeded The Dark Knight as the second-highest-grossing movie ever domestically ($552.8 million vs. $533 million).

♦It's closing in on Titanic as the biggest movie of all time: It's up to $1.841 billion worldwide, compared with the boat movie's $1.843 billion.

♦It was the number-one movie for the sixth consecutive weekend in a row, defeating Legion at number two ($18.2 million) and Book of Eli at number three ($17 million in its second weekend, for a domestic total of about $62 million).

Avatar now claims the all-time international total with sales to date of $1.288 billion, exceeding Titanic's $1.242 billion, the Reuters news service reported.

(The biggest movie of all time in North America—adjusted for inflation—is 1939's Gone With the Wind, with sales of almost $1.5 billion, according to BoxOfficeMojo. Avatar ranks at number 26 by that measure.)

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