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Avengers: Infinity War cast inventory all the props they stole from the set

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Apr 26, 2018, 3:32 PM EDT

Avengers: Infinity War is one of the biggest and star-studded productions in history. It's like the It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World of comic book movies and unprecedented in its sheer ambition. Many of us will see the film in theaters this week and be a part of history while those who starred in it will make the history. Playing a hero or villain in this momentous project, however, wasn't enough for some of the cast, who, while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, admitted that they did steal props from the set. 

Josh Brolin (Thanos) went first and joked that he stole "a leopard-skin thong." Wow, didn't realize the biggest villain of the MCU was so kinky. Both Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier) and Karen Gillan (Nebula) took vast amounts of KY jelly, which they used to slide into their fake metal arms every morning before shooting their scenes. Chadwick Boseman (T'Challa/Black Panther) absconded with a bracelet of the sci-fi Kimoyo Beads that were blowing up on Fandango. And finally, you know Chris Hemsworth (Thor) had to take home a hammer or two. According to him, he's stolen five Mjölnir props to date. His character will be getting a new weapon in Infinity War with the help of Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper) and Groot (Vin Diesel) since Hela broke his hammer in Ragnarok, but we have no idea what his new toy will be. 

When talking about taking on the major role of Thanos, Brolin said that his brother is actually a huge Marvel fanatic. When Josh told his sibling about how he was going to prepare for the performance, his brother shot it down, saying it was "totally wrong." His brother also refused to go to the Los Angeles premiere of the movie because he wanted to experience it separately with his friends. Damn, it's gotta take a ton of willpower to skip one of the hottest movie premieres in Hollywood history. 

Meanwhile, Sebastian Stan recounted a chuckle-worthy story of how his mother went and saw Black Panther and then called him afterwards to voice her disappoint that he wasn't in the film when she thought he would be. When he asked if she stayed past the credits, she said no. Rookie mistake, mom.

Avengers: Infinity War assembles in theaters this weekend