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Avengers: Infinity War directors reveal the fate of other characters in the MCU

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May 13, 2018, 1:05 PM EDT

Marvel promised that Avengers: Infinity War would feature the majority of its heroes in an intergalactic battle with Thanos for the fate of the universe. But not everyone made the cut for this movie, and the final moments of the story left more than a few questions about who was left standing. Now, Infinity War directors Anthony and Joe Russo have weighed in on which offscreen characters managed to survive and who fell victim to Thanos’ grand plans. 

SPOILER ALERT: This post includes major plot points for Avengers: Infinity War. Come back after you’ve seen the film!

Thanos successfully obtained all six Infinity Gems and subsequently wiped out half of the MCU with a snap of his fingers. Several fan-favorite characters perished in the purge, and they weren’t alone. While speaking to the Huffington Post, the Russos also confirmed the demise of Lady Sif of Asgard, Bruce Banner’s ex, Betty Ross, and Thor: Ragnarok’s wonderfully hammy Asgardian actor who looked suspiciously like Matt Damon

While Spider-Man was among Thanos’ victims, his beloved Aunt May is “safe,” according to Anthony Russo. Likewise, the Russos also confirmed the survival of Nakia from Black Panther, who was not seen during the extended battle of Wakanda. The Russos suggested that Nakia was away on an undercover mission. Surprisingly, the Russos added Howard the Duck to the list of survivors, although we have to wonder if Howard would even notice if half of the universe’s population just disappeared. 

The Russos refused to address the survival of a few heroes and supporting characters: Black Panther’s sister, Shuri; Spider-Man’s friend, Ned; Thor’s ex, Jane Foster; as well as Thor: Ragnarok's Korg and Miek. This could mean that they will return for Avengers 4, but even the Russos may not know for sure. Regarding Jane, who was portrayed by Natalie Portman in the first two Thor movies, Anthony Russo said “When we say spoiler, [we mean] potential spoiler.”

We’ll discover who lived and died when Avengers 4 hits theaters on May 3, 2019.